Voluntary scholastic aid project (VSAP). Cooperate to learn

The first motivation for our project is the powerful re-emerge of scholastic exclusion. The action of the public school in our country is losing its effectiveness, the disorganization and the continuous cuts operated by the governments has driven to an increasing social selection and to the growth of the number of the students that give up the school.


Our direct intervention wants to fight the disparities produced in the scholastic area. We try to give instruments to sustain students to reduce social distress and to build new social experiences useful for their future. The intervention is projected in two ways:

- To give a measurable help in terms of scholastic performances’ improvement

- To create lasting presences of civil society’s solidarity organization.

The Voluntary Scholastic Aid Project consists in giving teachers’ free work -mainly retired teachers- and in the help of graduated experts in different subjects or in interactive methods directed to students who are facing serious difficulties in learning within the scholastic system. We have created different formative and modular paths on different subjects. Young and adult people that need to deepen and answer to new intellectual curiosities form the audience. Last year we realized many experiences following the central thread of self-management (in the work and in the conception of ourselves and of the public service). The key of self-determination leads to various kinds of intervention: the traditional one, in which we help the student using private or group lessons; the support by subject; the pedagogical counselling.

The nature of our work is different, if compared with the normal scholastic approach, because is different the relation between the teacher and the students: first of all for the gratuity of the relational exchange: the teacher is not just a substitution of the lacks of the public service, is a contribution to improve the student’s consciousness. Another kind of intervention is the workshop one: we started a reading-writing lab and a science lab, with the collaboration of the teachers of the schools where we have been working. In these labs we produced books written by the students, on line press and participatory videos. The students we are working with attend elementary, primary and high school in Rome’s suburban areas. They are Italians or foreigners that also need the teaching of the language. Other interventions we organized are in the youth centres, collaborating with other associations. One experience of particular interest is with the collaboration with ARCI, the help to the young Romas that are living in the temporary camps. The action’s aim is to give the competencies needed to attend the Italian school and to complete the scholastic career.

The EU has designated 2011 as the "European Year of Volunteering". For the Commission, volunteering is an active expression of civic participation, which strengthens common European values such as solidarity and social cohesion. Volunteering also provides important learning opportunities, because involvement in voluntary activities can provide people with new skills and competences that can even improve their employability. This is especially important at this time of economic crisis. Volunteering plays an important role in sectors as varied and diverse as education, youth, culture, sport, environment, health, social care, consumer protection, humanitarian aid, development policy, research, equal opportunities and external relations. The European Parliament in 2008 voted a specific resolution in which it invites all the states to support and promote volunteering activities. These are programs to incentive international exchanges and interventions to consolidate the democratic life, the non-violence, and the responsible citizenship. We’d like to participate as an association, working hard to improve our project and to meet whom, in Europe, is working like us in cooperative and scholastic aid.


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