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Altra Mente - scuola per tutti is a no-profit association (Italian law nr. 383/2000) engaged on training and social issues.

Born on 2009, by the initiative of a group of scholars engaged on culture, education, social institutions, the School promote knowledge, information, communication on labour, social inclusions and rights.

More precisely, Altra Mente:

- promotes the social and civil growth through training activities and diffusion of information in different fields and in particular to those linked to innovative professions;

- develops: critical capabilities, education to self-confidence and programmed learning, in view to increase awareness on own rights, duties and responsibilities. Solidarity and active European citizenship are also included in the School program;

- raises abstract and concrete personal know-how.

Altra Mente analyses global and local, social and economical processes, with special attention to:

- work market evolution in terms of legislation, and relationships between generations and genders;

- migration flows;

- climate changes and biosphere consequences.

To achieve its objectives, Altra Mente offers meetings, workshops, practical and theoretical training interactive courses. Because one of the main objective of the School is to enforce European integration, specific activities are organized to create stronger links between citizens and local authorities of European different provenances.

Altra Mente is actually engaged in national and international programmes and activities.


Altra Mente scuola per tutti - APS • C.F.: 97550990580


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